Stray Cat

There is this cat probably about a year old that wonders around our apartment complex. A week or so ago while at kimor's house we found this cat and it seems to be a very playful and friendly. I however seemed to really attract its attention and as we speak now its trying to sit on my lap and paw at my keyboard...... anyways it wont leave me alone and i keep giving it attention, i cant help it! he's so fucking cute! and when it comes to animals i just can't help but to play with and pet them :3 OUCH! he just clawed me.... fuck. anyways, this is a real problem cause he seems to have adopted me as his co-owner. im saying this cause i dont really know if he has an owner or not. but with how he is acting, waiting at a door i walk through and waiting for me seems to make me come to the realization that i have a cat that thinks im his mom. so i need to act quick before a bond is sealed because its not fair for me or the cat. i can't just let him stay waiting for me all the time and ignore him and i cant afford to keep him. so im needing to act fast on what to do. cause right now he is meowing me to death and thats also a sign of a pup wanting something from his/her mom. >.< damn it!
I know taba witll be reading this and say oh my god haha.
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Derpy Day

 Today has been a very very derpy day for me :( hopefully i will no longer be derpy today :3 derp derp derp. anyone have a anti-derp pill?
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Im in hell right now

I dont mean to bitch and complain but my mate uses LJ to rant so i guess this is ok.
I feel like im in fucking hell right now. though im hoping the visit will be as short as this journal post will be.
But i guess i would rather be in hell and be around the ones i love, than be in hell alone. And be in hell
and be with the ones i love than be in paradise alone.
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Oh what to write... I am sitting here next to taba and he is watching TV. Super humans is the show. Kinda interesting, one person was a man who can dream of the future.. i dunno i guess it could be real. who knows. \
I have dreams that are pretty intense. Very vivid colors and very deep, most of the time i fully believe they are real, then as the dream goes on i start to grip reality and the dream begins to feel more fake. my last dream was about taba. and we were at a house and i think his parents were there, but the roof of the house and a large section of the back was missing and i was in the backyard looking up at them. the house was on a hill. Thats really all i can remember of that dream.
Anyways gotta go!
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 The job hunt is still going crappy, time i know will answer, but I don't have much time to expand on. I hate not working, i also hate that I'm unable to contribute to the house. I love helping and doing what i can to make other people's lives easier for all of us. Working together to reach a common goal or just to live better. So i will keep working hard to make sure i am able to help the ones around me. and myself.
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